Virtual Visa and MasterCard | Global Payment Solution (Valid world wide)

Virtual Visa and MasterCard , A Visa in Your Pocket, Easily book flights, subscribe to Netflix or buy anything online right from your Chipper wallet.

Virtual Visa and MasterCard

Securely freeze and unfreeze your card in the app.

What is Virtual card ?

Virtual card  is debit card that only exist electronically  it doesn’t exist in a material form  and it design especially for online purchase.

Virtual Card is a digital substitute of familiar plastic card and ideal solution for online payments. The use of Virtual Cards for online payments will keep the details of your primary card safe.

These cards provide fraud protection and auto management on spend limits.

If you shop online using a Visa card, you might see a Visa Secure badge when you check out

A virtual visa card is a set of card number that is randomly generated.

The set of numbers represent your visa card or bank account but no one can use that numbers to get your information except you.

Virtual card is more secured then the regular debit card and credit card.

Better in payment of online purchases.

A Visa in Your Pocket

Easily book flights, subscribe to Netflix or buy anything online right from your Chipper wallet.

Securely freeze and unfreeze your card in the app.

Use Your Chipper Card anywhere Visa cards are accepted online.

How  virtual visa work

A virtual  card  represent t your account  but is simply a set of random number and a CVV code that can be generate instantly.

The virtual visa card can be use  to make a purchase within some minutes of the creation.

When the virtual visa card is use to make purchase the cost is routed to the account that is linked to the number, and any payment that is made is also linked to the account number.

You can also use a virtual card the same way you us e a tangible card, You can use the card for an online purchase.

The card is easier to use for an online store  and services.

Just record or copy  the card information,  then enter the information on the card when you checkout the purchase goods and services online.

The card is produced, received, and used digitally.

Know that  virtual cards are electronically  produced and delivered.

Before you make payment with the card you must add funds to it first.

a funded virtual card have the same work as the plastic one, just like the normal card you have to enter the 16 digit card number, its security code and the expiry date  to make a payment.

In the case where fraudster  got the account number from the chip, he wont be able to make use it because the number can only be use for a single purchase.

With this virtual card  temporary account numbers are used, so similarly, hackers wouldn’t be able to use those virtual account numbers for purchases.

If your credit card issuer doesn’t offer a virtual credit card option, then you can consider other security options offered by payment processors Visa and MasterCard. This is a bit different, but it does give you a little more security against fraud

Benefits of a virtual Card

Discreet and secure payment

Making use of virtual card is one of the most secured way to make payment securely without having to submit your private debit card or credit card details.

Visa states there’s a background program that’s designed to check your identity. You could be asked questions to confirm your identity if anything looks amiss.

If you have a Mastercard, you can consider using Masterpass, which is a digital wallet service. It allows you to keep your credit and debit card information in one secure place

this is also most useful when you are travelling as you make all the online payment that you can without any restriction.

Chipper virtual Visa cards unlocks ways to pay for the things you want, straight from your Chipper wallet

Helps in effective budgeting

The card help in budget managing because you can only spend the amount that you have uploaded in the card.

Sometimes the mobile provider comes with a mobile app. all you have to do is to download the mobile app so you can get notification on your mobile phone whenever you perform transaction.

Easy accessibility

Almost all the virtual cards are connected to master card since this is online you can access your information and make transaction wherever and however. the card is widely accepted through out the whole world.

Some of the cards allows you to make cash top-up This is the most important in the countries where people don’t have access to banking. but do need to make online transaction.

Choice of currency

Most of the virtual cards are available in different kind of currencies. when making transaction you can make use of the currency of your choice.

even if is not the same with your local currency you can still make use of it.

Fast payment

thee will be no need to wait for a card to arrive in the post, at the same time no need to wait for the pin to arrive.

If you actually value speed and convenience then the virtual card is the best choice

Depending on the service you use, If have a purchase that you may like to return, you  can easily do it to the vendor.

the card doesn’t let down your guard as you can regularly check you financial account online

How can I get a virtual Card

To get the card process is always straightforward . The only thing to do is to apply online for the card, get the card add fund and start making payment. it doesn’t take time to get.

There are different types of virtual cards.

you can get any of the following :

US Unlocked

This will give you access to US website in any part of the world, using your visual payment card.

This payment service is great for anybody wishing to purchase a US service like US Netflix, Hulu, DIsney+ etc.


this is a VCC provider that help you to protect your payment,  bank transactions and create security against cyber criminals, you can check out from your phone browser or your tablet.

Dreamweaver VCC

this is victual credit card provider, that is mainly for pay pal Verification. with this you can sort Items by popularity rating  and price.


this one helps you to protect your money when shopping online. this is one of the best virtual credit card that offers a unique card number that only works for the individual merchant. you can decide to turn off  notification from thee company.


This is the best virtual card for managing your organization expenses, and spending.

you to generate and assign a virtual card for your account.

  • Netspend
  • American Express Go
  • Brex
  • Emburse
  • ePayService
  •  iCard
  • Divvy

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Conclusion :

Virtual Cards are computer-generated credit card. (not material but digital)  It enables you to make purchases online without inputting your original card number.

You can make one-time use of the virtual card and after the onetime transaction you may not be able to use the same code for transaction.

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