Windows 10 WIFI Password Practical Steps to Locate Windows Password

The desktop and laptop computer device are one of the best devices we get at home to help us in various digital tasks but today let us look at the simple ways to locate windows 10 wifi password. Do you have a computer device at home? or do you have friends that use a computer device but might be looking for a way to set up their wifi password or edit it to their taste??

Windows 10 WIFI Password

You can actually make use of the WIFI through the use of router for spreading the Wifi, then next step is to set up the password.

Therefore, this is the one of the best article that can help us as we look for possible ways to set up the Wifi passwords.

Computer Device Easy Access (Windows 10 Wifi Password)

Firstly, I am not here to tell you that you cannot make use of your computer very well or that it cannot be operated with Wifi.

Far from it, this is just a simple issue and this article will lay more emphasis on the computer Wifi passwords and locating them.

As a matter of fact human beings are not perfect and we a can make mistakes at any time; this is what happens when you forget your passwords. The human memory might not be so perfect to remember all the passwords and so we can easily locate them with our windows version.

Therefore, operating the computer seems very easy with the kind of experience you might have but sometimes we might be caught up with this.

Yes, setting up a Wifi for our various computer device is just fine and it can help us in internet bases for easy access to online information.

Most people always wants to stay online while they work or do some other things that can help promote their business.

Therefore, they need to power the system and then connect to the internet to be able to complete this simple task.

Why use a Wifi Password 

Wifi provides a good unique internet connection to all your devices as far as they are connected to the wifi device or router.

Therefore all you need is to set up your computer device then locate the wifi passwords to set up or create passwords.

In addition to that, you can also link up your phones data connection to your computer devices and perform your task.

So no matter the version of computer you are using or level, you can always find a way to locate the password and set it up.

However, if you have been making use of that formula but have lost track ways to locate them, do not worry we will set it.

Furthermore, you can easily locate the password in your computer device anytime and also share it to friends at your will.

However, creating a password requires you make it a strong password and only password that you can remember.

Alternative view of Wifi password on phones (iPhone and Android)

So let us first discuss how to fish out or view out the Wifi password if we are making use of the phones for supporting wifi.

So lets look at the steps below when using phones:

For the Android

  • Using your android, go to the settings in the phone.
  • From the settings, go to network and then internet.
  • Then next step is to select the icon WIFI
  • Next step is to select “saved network” option
  • Then select the network of your choice.
  • When it displays then you can click on the share option.
  • Fill up this “identity” when it appears. You can select the wifi, make a name of your choice with it and then set up the password.
  • When this is done, you will see the network registered on top.

For the iPhone

  • To set it up on the iPhone, let us first go to the settings in the phone.
  • In the settings, locate the iCloud icon.
  • From the iCloud, tap on the keychain.
  • Next is to activate the iCloud keycain.
  • Give it to some minutes, it will load and activate.
  • Then set password and save
  • Go to your computer device probably a mac device.
  • Go to apple menu and choose system preference.
  • Enable and then link the two device together.

Therefore, having gotten to this level and seen this method. Now is the time to go to the real deal and find out ways to know the Wifi settings.

Ways to Locate your Windows 10 Wifi Password

I hope we can now see the various ways to do this in our computer device. Read the steps below so that we can know more.

  1. Firstly, let us power on the computer device and remember this method below is for windows 10 section.
  2. Then go to the windows search button or space at the left bottom corner of the screen and key in the word: Wifi settings.
  3. The page will load then you should go to the network and sharing centre.
  4. Furthermore, tap on the wifi network name and tap on this icons as well>( wireless properties, security and show characters).
  5. So taking a good review from the Wifi network name we clicked on.
  6. The tap on the wireless properties.
  7. Next step on the security tab option.
  8. Finally click on the “character” where you can now view the Wifi password once you click on show characters.

I hope the steps were very easy to assimilate and read through, open your computer device and follow up steps.

Alternatively we can still find out Wifi passwords using few other steps below

This is not supposed to confuse you or make you want to go extra mile to figure out ways to get this password. Te steps below is for alternative means if in case you do not want to follow up with the steps above.

1. WIFI password finder program (Windows 10 Wifi Password)

Yes, for some people they can actually use this program to detect their computer Wifi password. But you must have to have this program installed and working smoothly in your device.

Therefore let us look at the few steps below on how to go about it…

  • The first thing to do is to get this program (WIFI password Revealer).
  • Go to your device or system browser(chrome, firefox, operamini) and download the program mentioned above.
  • If the download get completed, then immediately open it in the browser section.
  • Choose your own language of preference and click on OK button to save after you open the program.
  • Then click on ACCEPT AGREEMENT
  • Click on NEXT button
  • Then the next thing to do is to select the folder where you could like to save up the file.
  • Click on INSTALL and FINISH button to complete.
  • Once is done. Just a few seconds and is done.
  • The application or program will open loading all passwords.
  • The program, will open with all the networks that you have connected with your windows device or computer and also showing their various passwords for you as well.
  • Feel free to copy out the password to the network you want. You are free to see other Wifi passwords as well.

2. Find WIFI using password using command prompt

Do you know about the command prompt? It can be used to perform various task in our desktop or laptop computers.

Every computer has a command prompt, but this is how it goes. I will list few steps on how you can locate the Wifi password using the command prompt.

The command prompt is easy and you do not have to worry too much on how to use it without affecting other programs.

Therefore, let’s quickly head on to this:

  • Firstly, what you should be able to do first is just to know your WIFI network name. I guess that one is really easy for you right.
  • Now if you really don know how to get your network name then this is what you do: at your desktop background, click on the network icon bar which is at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • OR you can go to settings, network an then status to locate the network name. Alternatively, you can easily search and open the command prompt in your computer then run as an administrator.
  • Then type netsh wlan show profile (this command will show your list of previous networks and the current one you are using).
  • Locate your network, and type in the following (netsh wlan show profile [wifi-name] key=clear). Replace [wifi-name] with the real WiFi username. Then the password will appear.

Furthermore we can also locate the WIFI password from this other means below.

  1. Finding WIFI password through the router web interface.
  2. Ten at the back of the router device you can still locate the password there.
  3. Finally on resetting the WIFI router which will reset all the settings and make every thing new thereby clearing the old password. then you can use the default setting to locate the internet and then move on.

I hope the steps above did a good work by helping you locate your WIFI password very easy and smoothly.

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